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If you feel it in your bones that you'd like to try drawing and painting, but you just don't know where to start - you're in the right place!

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Welcome to Shiny Happy Art

If you:
  • want to paint and draw but would like some guidance about how,
  • LOVE shiny happy subjects and just want to find out how to paint them,
  • like learning new things and would like something to show for it at the end,
these Online Paint Alongs have been filmed especially for you!

You can find all my available online classes here, on this page. 
However, to join my mailing list, see my original art, read my blog or purchase art supplies kits, please head over to my main website www.shinyhappyart.com.

And if you want to make this a regular thing, check out my Paint Along of the Month Club to learn by doing, month after month, at the best price. 

Paint Along of the Month Club

There's so much goodness in 'learning by doing' - and so many savings too!

Join me for a colourful, fun painting every month and surprise yourself with how much you learn - and how many paintings you paint!

Meet Anna

I love being an artist and I'm so happy to be your guide.   

In 2011 I opened my first art studio and and has been offering online classes since 2015.

When it comes to art, I'm all about:
- learning by doing,
- sharing the joy, and
- filling the book!

So come, draw and paint with me!

The Shiny Happy Landscapes Collection 2020

I share plenty of tips as we chat our way through this  collection of 10 acrylic landscape demonstrations. Just watch or paint along!
View course $44 AUD

The Drink and Draw Collection- Lockdown 2020

In March 2020 I started a Saturday night Drink and Draw session on Facebook, and over 1700 people came! So we did it 7 more times :)
View course $25 AUD

Shiny Happy Dogs and Cats Collection 2020

This is a collection of live, watercolour dog and cat painting demonstrations. Buy before 31 Oct for the Earlybird price! Save $22!
View course $22 AUD

Dressed Up Dog Draw and Paint Along

Inspired by Maeby the Studio Dog, join Anna to paint flowers in the hair of our furry friends!
View course $22 AUD

#21 Hiding in Sight

This is a fun one! Learn to mix greens in this cute composition - you'll want to paint it more than once - maybe add your own pet?!!
View course $44 AUD

#20 - Modern Poppies

Take this one nice and slow and we'll build up the luminescence of these papery poppies.
View course $44 AUD

#19 - The Road Home Online Paint Along

This landscape process is one I hope you can apply to a view of your own. Let me guide you and build your confidence :)
View course $44 AUD

#18 - "The Dotty Pot" Online Paint Along

These peonies explode from their dotty vase! Let me show you how it all comes together :)
View course $44 AUD

#17 - "The Shopping List" Online Paint Along

Let me guide you through my 'recipe' for this still life! We'll build up colour and details so your canvas glows with life. Your life.
View course $44 AUD

"View of the Jetty" Watercolour Paint Along Webinar

Join Anna as she guides you through her peaceful watercolour "View of the Jetty" - live webinar 10 June 2020 at 8pm Brisbane time (GMT+10)
View webinar $16 AUD

'Rainbow Garden' Watercolour Paint Along Webinar

Join Anna as she guides you through her colourful watercolour Rainbow Garden. This is a recording of the fun, LIVE webinar held in May 2020.
View webinar $11 AUD

Shiny Happy Drawing

Fill your book with 20 inspiring projects covering tonal variation, 3D to 2D, negative space, lines, sizes + colour! Payment plan available.
View course $132 AUD

Shiny Happy Colour

I just LOVE colour! Shiny Happy Colour aims to increase your enjoyment of colour. Learn how to mix, get in the zone & build your confidence!
View course $132 AUD

Bundle of Shiny Happy Drawing & Shiny Happy Colour

Save money ... and gain confidence in your art! Choose the BUNDLE offer to receive both SH Drawing & Colour at a great price!
View bundle $220 AUD

5 MINUTE MAY - 31 Facebook Live Videos

Relive the enthusiasm and joy of Anna's #5minutemay LIVE sketching project. Watch and enjoy or draw along, it's up to you!
View course $31 AUD

Shiny Happy Sketching - Flowers

FIVE fun flower sketching projects, using simple art supplies. The best thing? They're the most forgiving subjects!
View course $50 AUD

Shiny Happy Sketching - in Quarantine

FIVE sketching projects, using simple art supplies you hopefully have around the house, and they're perfect for grown ups or kids.
View course $50 AUD

Blue Wren - Draw Along

This is a mini mini taster of the type of goodness I share in my other online classes. It's a chance to check me out - or just draw a wren!
View course $11 AUD

Poppies Bundle

THREE poppy paintings in one bundle! 'Anzac Poppies' (value $44) PLUS 'Loose Poppies' ($44) PLUS 'Loose Poppies in Watercolour ($22). 
View bundle $44 AUD

Kids Art Bundle 1

THREE classes to help you with your kids!
Includes "Teacup Collage" (value $22), "Ellie the Elephant" ($44) and "Owl, Cat and Cow" ($44)
View bundle $50 AUD

Teacup Collage - A Mini Wonder Workshop

This is a delightful painting and craft activity to do yourself or with kids and makes a lovely gift for a mother or grandmother.
View course $22 AUD

#16 - Experience Van Gogh Paint Along

Let me guide you through a Van Gogh experience! We'll be inspired to use vibrant layered colour and choppy brush strokes to create movement.
View course $66 AUD

#15 - Magnificent Magnolia Online Paint Along

There's no doubt about it - Magnolias hold their own when it comes to art. Paint this beautiful specimen with me (and learn about tone)!
View course $44 AUD

#14 - Possum Icon Online Paint Along

This possum painting is so versatile and I include details to paint a cat or platypus as well. Be inspired and build a layered composition.
View course $44 AUD

#13 - Waterlilies 3 Ways Online Paint Along

Let's channel our favourite Monet subject and paint water lilies three ways - and I'm including my own Monet chat video as a bonus!
View course $66 AUD

#12 - Hummingbirds Online Paint Along

The hummingbird is a symbol of joy and playfulness - so let's build this acrylic painting together, step by step... it's fun!
View course $44 AUD

#11 - Love Birds Dove Birds Online Paint Along

Choose your colour palette, and whether to include one bird or two... so many options when you get started on this jewel like floral :)
View course $44 AUD

#10 - Butterfly Sky Online Paint Along

Many years ago I painted a butterfly painting for my daughter's room and discovered my 'butterflication method'. And it's time to reveal it!
View course $44 AUD

#09 - Sunflowers Online Paint Along

I can't look at sunflowers without smiling - let's get loose, and smile and paint at the same time!
View course $44 AUD

#08 - Framed Proteas Online Paint Along

Proteas mean Diversity, Daring, Transformation and Courage ... So let's paint them!  In your own home, in your own time!
View course $44 AUD

#07 - Frida Style Face Online Paint Along

Paint Frida or a Frida-inspired face with me, and grow your painting confidence and experience. In your own home - in your own time!
View course $44 AUD

#06 - Flying Lorikeet Online Paint Along

You know what's so great about this Lorikeet Paint Along?  Painting it with me will give you the confidence to know you can do it! 
View course $44 AUD

#05 - Flower Crown Cow Online Paint Along

Join me for an online version of my studio Paint Alongs and paint the colourful Flower Crown Cow - In your own home, in your own time!
View course $44 AUD

#04 - Gum Blossoms Online Paint Along

Join me for an online version of my studio Paint Alongs and paint the colourful Gum Blossoms - In your own home, in your own time!
View course $44 AUD

#03 - Llama Fiesta Online Paint Along

Join me for an online version of my studio Paint Alongs and paint the colourful Llama Fiesta - In your own home, in your own time!
View course $44 AUD

#02 - Floss Flowers Online Paint Along

Join me for an online version of my studio Paint Alongs and paint the beautiful bunch of Floss Flowers - In your own home, in your own time!
View course $44 AUD

#01 - Flora the Chook Online Paint Along

Join me for an online version of my studio Paint Alongs and paint the delightful Flora the Chook - In your own home, in your own time!
View course $44 AUD

Heart of Flowers Online Paint Along

This is a fabulous one to start with if you haven't painted with me before... or just to paint for any occasion!
View course $33 AUD

Agapanthus Online Paint Along

Agapanthus, also known as the African Lily or Lily of the Nile, are gorgeous, hardy plants - I hope you enjoy painting these beauties.
View course $44 AUD

Anzac Poppies Online Paint Along

The red poppy has become a symbol of war remembrance the world over.  We hope you enjoy painting these.
View course $44 AUD

Daffodils Online Paint Along

Daffodils are bright and cheerful and can mean so much. Join Ann, as she guides you these beauties step by step!
View course $44 AUD

Cherry Blossom Online Paint Along

No need to wait for the Cherry Blossoms season - join Anna to paint these timeless flowers any time of the year!
View course $44 AUD

Ellie The Elephant Online Paint Along

Ellie the Elephant will take you on a magical journey where flowers and patterns jump off the page creating a gorgeous and playful creature!
View course $44 AUD

Loose Poppies Online Paint Along

Loose Poppies - painting with this pleasing colour combination is a delightful  process - they just "pop" off the page!
View course $44 AUD

Loose Poppies in Watercolour

Let me show you how to get these poppies onto the page, with extra detail steps that make it special. In watercolour, so no apron needed!
View course $22 AUD

Owl, Cat & Cow Online Paint Along

This Owl, Cat & Cow Paint Along is really 3 in 1.  You will love how the different personalities appear and jump off the canvas!
View course $44 AUD

The Gift Bow Paint Along

This impressive gift bow will never crush! Learn to see shapes and paint shine and shadows with Anna!
View course $22 AUD

The Owl and the Pussycat Online Paint Along

The Owl & the Pussycat - this old favourite is colourful and fun to paint step by step with Anna,
View course $44 AUD

The Paint Along Dozen - Volume 1

View bundle $264 AUD

Shiny Happy Sketching Bundle

View bundle $80 AUD

Floral Heart 2020 (Watercolour Paint Along)

View webinar $22 AUD


What supplies will I need?

You'll simply need paint, brushes and a surface to paint on!
I demonstrate with Golden Fluid Acrylics (Intro Set of 10), a pad of canvas paper and a set of acrylic brushes.

When I sign up to the Paint Along of the Month Club, what will I get?

You'll get immediate access to the Membership Site which is full of terrific information about painting, as well as extra projects, webinars and recorded Facebook events, AND you'll get access to this month's Paint Along of the Month. You'll also be able to purchase previously released Online Paint Alongs at a reduced price (we'll send you a special code).

I'm worried about keeping up with the Monthly Paint Alongs in the Club - is that a problem?

No, not at all! There's absolutely no pressure, just encouragement. Think of each Paint Along like a book on your shelf. You have lifetime access so you can pick it up and paint it whenever you want! But I will be staying in touch, to encourage you :)

Can I cancel my subscription to the Club at any time?

Yes you can. You will lose access to the main membership site and the private Facebook Group, however you will retain access to any Paint Alongs you received during your membership.
To cancel your subscription simply login and visit your account information. From there you can edit your subscriptions.

I'm a total beginner. Is a membership for me?

Yes! The beginning is the best place to start! And you'll be 'accidentally learning' more and more with every Paint Along you do.

Can I just buy the Paint Alongs I like - one at a time?

Yes - of course you can! But please consider joining the club as it is definitely the most value for your money - you get two Paint Alongs for the price of one and you get the additional membership bonuses. Remember you can cancel at any time if you don't want to continue - give it a try!


Anna I just have to tell you what an absolutely superb job you have done with your Paint Along of the Month Club! Honestly, it is brilliant. You give so much in all your classes, both in studio and online. So much more 'extra value' than other art teachers seem to give! You go above and beyond to give us all the very best learning experience, the best value and the best fun! This new online series is so well done. Congratulations!
Jane Roper
I loved painting this...great instruction, step by step and so much fun! 
Debbie Blencowe
Good wholesome fun. Bright and cheerful. Thanks Anna. My mark making is still wonky, but I'll get there!

My hubby even takes a bit of interest. Took my painting away and came back with with a piece of his sail twine stapled to the back. He said, "Hang it up!"
Anne Kenman
Ok, so I'm not an artist.... (Haven't painted since Grade 9!) I'm a teacher on summer break. But I have discovered a not so great character trait in me - I only do things that I'm already good at. 😬
So, I tried a painting today that seemed tooooo advanced. It's not great, but I 💖💖 doing it! And, I love that I can try again tomorrow! This subscription is a fabulous idea! Thank you. 😊💖😊 (and I 💖 the way you teach, Anna... I feel like I will learn something and not just recreate pictures... That extra teaching at the end - - spectacular!)
Katee Campbell

Sharing the joy of drawing and painting

Join me to learn by doing
and fit art into your life
without pressure, just encouragement.