5 MINUTE MAY - 31 Facebook Live Videos by Anna Battle

5 MINUTE MAY - 31 Facebook Live Videos

This is the SMOOTHEST way to experience my #5minutemay sketch challenge.
Draw and paint along if you wish, and we'll fill our books together!

Hi, I'm Anna

In May 2020 I challenged myself to fill a sketchbook with bright, fun sketches of subjects supplied by businesses local to me.

And film the whole 31 days, on Facebook Live.

The end result is a cacophony of line and colour. And I had a ball painting every one. 

I hope it inspires you to pick up your pencil or brush and sketch as well. :)


May 2020 was one of the most productive sketching months I've ever had...

And that's totally because of this challenge.

I enjoy you to draw along with me, using my subjects or your own, and experience HOW GOOD IT FEELS to fill a book!

Talk soon.
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