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Demonstration Collections

  • $44 AUD

#15minutehearts Demonstration Collection

    During the month of February 2022 I set myself the challenge of painting 12 square heart artworks, using whatever art supplies I might have on hand, on the most delicious Khadi handmade cotton paper. Hearts are a bit of a favourite of mine, and they're even more so after this collection! Follow along and join in!

    • $22 AUD

    #christmasclassics Demonstration Collection

      Here are four paintings AND four great recipes to help you get festive.

      • $44 AUD

      #shafavourites Demonstration Collection

        We've done soooo many 'Demonstration Collections' in the last three years that I've compiled a Collection of 12 'favourites' to inspire you to create in a way that feels good to you, and to remind you of all the guidance that's right here, at your fingertips. Make a little time (from 5 minutes, really!) to get a little bit Art Fit, and feel wonderful for it.

        • $22 AUD

        #shagifts Demonstration Collection

          I love something to be beautiful AND useful and have painted on things, as gifts, for years. For recent gifts I have documented the process, and in this Collection you learn my reasoning for choosing certain subjects, and then how I applied the artwork to a non-stretched-canvas surface (for a change). It's probably easier than you think!

          • $22 AUD

          #shaonblue Demonstration Collection

            This Demonstration Collection is connected by the substrate I use - a prepainted Blue background, and the subject is painted in acrylic, often with coloured pencil details. Walk inside my mind as I explain my thought process of taking a reference image and creating an artwork, in real time - but using the fast forward, pause and rewind functions of video to suit your learning style.

            • $22 AUD

            #sharabbits Demonstration Collection

              This collection is being painted at the moment! Three colourful and cute rabbits, painted with acrylics, on canvas, and recorded live. Get it for half price until it's completed in March 2023.

              • $44 AUD

              Learn from the Masters Demonstration Collection

                During June and early July 2022, I looked at 12 paintings by Master Artists I admire, and recreated them (or parts of them) in watercolour, with a 15-40 (ish) minute timeframe. It's wonderful to discover learning as you paint!

                • $82 AUD
                • 2 payments of $42 AUD

                SHA Demonstration Collection - Vol. 1

                Complete your library of 2020 SHA Demonstration Collections with this set of four available as a half-priced set. Includes 31 watercolour and pencil sketches for 5 Minute May, Shiny Happy Landscapes, the fun of the Drink and Draw lockdown sessions, and Shiny Happy Dogs and Cats. Hours of art recorded in real time!

                • $88 AUD
                • 2 payments of $45 AUD

                SHA Demonstration Collection - Vol. 2

                Complete your library of SHA 2021 Demonstration Collections - available now at half price in this set of 4. Ideal for learning art techniques in real-time through varied themes and mediums. This collection includes books, Australian animals and inspiration from the beach (in watercolour) and the series 'Bridgerton' in gouache!

                • $99 AUD
                • 2 payments of $50 AUD

                SHA Demonstration Collection - Vol. 3

                SHA Demonstration Collections for May til August of 2021. These four collections are valued at $198 - available in this half-price bundle for $99. This volume includes Birds (acrylic), flowers (acrylic), blue (various mediums) and hands (various mediums).

                • $105 AUD
                • 2 payments of $55 AUD

                SHA Demonstration Collection - Vol. 4

                Including the incredibly popular 'Spring Flowers', #shafaces, 15 minute artfit workouts AND the #shaquotes Collections - you're going to love these!

                • $44 AUD

                The #shahappiness Demonstration Collection

                  During the month of May 2022, I sketched at least 12 'things that make you happy' as sent in by the Shiny Happy Art community. I used watercolour and coloured pencils, with a 15 minute time limit, and the variety was wonderful! I hope they make you happy too!

                  Helping you start a happy habit

                  Just as physical fitness is good for your body, Art Fitness is good for your mind. Join me, exercise your creative muscles and enjoy your happy habit.