The Drink and Draw Collection- Lockdown 2020 by Anna Battle

The Drink and Draw Collection- Lockdown 2020

Join in with these recordings of our 8 FUN live Shiny Happy Drink and Draw sessions, from March to May 2020.
It'll teach you to loosen up, apply colour and lines with confidence and capture pieces of your life that bring you joy.

Hi, I'm Anna.

Founder of Shiny Happy Art and the Paint Along of the Month Club.

Sometimes it just takes a nudge, and a bit of an explanation, to get you started.

And drawing is fun! It's a skill worth learning.  It helps you see what's around you to be grateful for, and gives you the gift of mindfulness which is a break from your everyday life.

Join me to sketch, with the simplest of materials, as we fill a sketchbook with memories, experiments and ideas.

It's relaxing and fun. Watch, or watch and draw, or watch, then draw... it's totally up to you.

You can watch and join in anywhere and any time. This collection is the easiest way to enjoy some social drawing (the drink you choose is totally up to you).

Think of it as an online "Season"... with eight, one hour, interactive episodes.

PLUS I've added some new short videos about:
  • my favourite art supplies for this type of sketching;
  • getting your mind ready to draw; and
  • filmed a flip-through of my Drink and Draw sketchbook so that you can choose which session to start with.

AND I've also included an hour-long, easy listening video about "Sketching Out and About", where I go through the three sets of art supplies I use the most, and my small/medium/large approach to choosing a subject to sketch.

But sorry, no steak knives (although I do draw a knife in Session 6).

Get a sneak peek

Here's the full Table of Contents. I've made the first video free to preview so that you have an idea about the eight sessions. Feel free to use the pause/fast forward buttons!

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos Text Icon 2 text files


Drink & Draw
1. This is how it all began
5 mins
Before we begin
2. Art Supplies
8 mins
3. Here's the Pep Talk
5 mins
4. What will 'finished' look like?
8 mins
Facebook Lives
Drinks and Glasses - Session 1, 28 March 2020
(1h 00m 42s)
Painting with Coffee - Session2, 4 April 2020
55 mins
Board Games - Session 3, 11 April 2020
(1h 03m 22s)
Drink and Draw Bingo - Session 4, 18 April 2020
(1h 01m 59s)
Poppies - Session 5, 25 April 2020
(1h 01m 35s)
Let's Draw a Drawer - Session 6, 2 May 2020
(1h 00m 49s)
Mother's Day Flowers - Session 7, 9 May 2020
59 mins
Let's Draw our Drinks (and make them dance) - Session 8, 16 May 2020
(1h 01m 55s)
Art Supplies Webinar
'Out and about' art supplies kit
56 mins
Thank You!
What Now?

Sharing the joy of drawing and painting

Join me to learn by doing
and fit art into your life
without pressure, just encouragement.


This collection is super cheap!

I know! I offered these 8 sessions for free, initially, but I wanted to give you a way of binge watching, skipping forward and backwards at will, and getting in the mood, without the distractions of facebook. 
So it's cheap because I would LOVE to get stacks of people drawing.

Who is the teacher

I'm Anna Bartlett - Artist, Mother, Teacher, Business Owner.
I've worked with thousands of adults and childrens, sharing the joy of art and seeing their confidence grow.
In 2016, my book, "Painting Party - Acrylic Painting for Beginners" was published by Northlight Books and is still available on Amazon.

How long does it take to do these sessions?

Each one of the 8, is a stand alone session, recorded live (offers may have expired by now, though. Thanks for understanding.)
The webinar is another hour. Just remember to go forward and back as you please. You don't need to watch every one. :)

Who is this collection for?

Anyone who draws and anyone who'd like to! My philosophy is that we are recording, and appreciating our lives, through drawing. And I hope that's exactly what you'll do.

How long can I access the collection?

Once you buy the collection, you'll have lifetime access to all of its content.

What's the difference between this collection and what's in the facebook group?

This course features all 8 of the Facebook Lives we did in my private "Drink and Draw" group. 

It also has additional content, including;
  • 4 bonus videos on mindset, art supplies and welcoming you to the collection.
  • A bonus webinar recording of "Shiny Happy Out and About", which shows you the different types of art kits I use, and my small/medium/large approach to choosing subjects.

Sharing the joy of drawing and painting

Join me to learn by doing
and fit art into your life
without pressure, just encouragement.