Floral Heart 2020 (Watercolour Paint Along) by Anna Battle

Floral Heart 2020 (Watercolour Paint Along)

Starts Aug 26, 2020 at 8:00 PM AEST

A LIVE Online Class with Anna!

Hi, I'm Anna

Join me for a LIVE guided art class via Zoom, and I'll teach you six elements to include in a floral heart, and we'll paint it together.

I'll make sure you don't stop too soon! You'll end up with a lovely artwork and be ready to paint another!

What supplies will you need?

I'll demonstrate with:
  • a set of 24 Micador Brilliant Watercolours
  • a Pentel Aquash Brush (medium)
  • a sheet of 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper
  • a pencil and eraser to make the shape
  • some kitchen towel or a serviette to wipe off your brush

But you don't have to use exactly what I have. Just grab whatever paints and brushes you have on hand, and have fun!

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Anna - you're an amazing teacher! So lovely! You use the "think aloud" strategy better than anyone I've ever encountered (I was a teacher and administrator for 37 years, so I've seen a lot of teaching!). So much fun!
Margaret Donohue Sanchez

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