#21 Hiding in Sight by Anna Battle

#21 Hiding in Sight

I hope this one makes you excited to paint.

Inspired by a photo I took in South Africa in 2008, we are painting a thoughtful feline, and you are invited to make this painting your own.

And you'll be learning along the way. Come, paint. Surprise yourself!

Hi, I’m Anna

I've been teaching guided painting for over 7 years now. And this is one of my absolute FAVOURITES so far!

Let me show you how to break down a busy photograph into manageable steps... and then we'll paint them!

What’s this all about?

With entertaining and quality step-by-step videos, a printable and recommended supplies list, this is an eCourse bursting with information and support. As always, I've included a fun (and original)  'Pep Talk' to get you in the right frame of mind.

You will start with a blank canvas and finish with a still life that you'll impress yourself with!


  • This is ‘painting with a safety net’ – I will be guiding you to paint a painting similar to mine, step by step
  • My Paint Alongs are totally beginner friendly
  • Experienced artists may enjoy the insight into my technique and style and can use the information as a ‘jumping off point’ or warm up
  • There are lots of photos, videos and text so you’ll feel supported
  • I talk about the supplies I'm using, and understand that you may be using different materials - in which case we're aiming for 'similar but different' anyway, so it's ok
  • The Paint Along is held on a private website that only registered participants can access
  • You will have UNLIMITED ACCESS once you register –  you can create and access at any time and work at your own pace. There is no deadline or pressure to paint.
  • You do need basic computer skills (know how to login and work your way around the site)
  • A high speed internet connection would be a huge advantage due to the number of videos included, but the videos are also downloadable if you want to take them to watch "off grid"
  • Personal feedback from Anna is not available via this course, however you are invited to email photos of your work or post them to the Shiny Happy Art facebook page
  • Due to the nature of the course, with password access, refunds are not possible unless there are exceptional circumstances. Thanks for understanding.
I look forward to welcoming you into my virtual studio to paint your own still life!


"Hiding in Sight"

Let me guide you, step by step, as we paint this fun painting together. 

You just might surprise yourself!
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