Heart of Flowers Online Paint Along by Anna Battle

Heart of Flowers Online Paint Along

Join me!

This is a great subject to paint because it's got so many uses! You can literally paint one for anyone that you love. And I'll show you how to make it unique and special.


You'll only need FOUR PAINTS, so this is a great one to start with!
  • Titanium White
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Hansa Yellow Medium and 
  • Quinacridone Magenta. Remember… close enough is good enough!

What's included?

Video Icon 12 videos Text Icon 1 text file


3 mins
Pep Talk!
3 mins
Supplies you'll need
2 mins
Let's Paint
Part 1 and 2 - Marking Shapes and Painting Flowers
6 mins
Part 3 - Add Spiral/Bracket Flowers
3 mins
Part 4 - Leaf time
3 mins
Part 5 - Background
4 mins
Part 6 - Petal and leaf details
3 mins
Part 7 - Dark details
5 mins
Part 8 - Highlights
8 mins
Part 9 - Zinger details
4 mins
So, what did this painting reveal?
Your Accidental Learnings
6 mins
What next?
Make this a habit

Sharing the joy of drawing and painting

Join me to learn by doing
and fit art into your life
without pressure, just encouragement.