Shiny Happy Dogs and Cats Collection 2020 by Anna Battle

Shiny Happy Dogs and Cats Collection 2020

This month I've been inspired by my newest Paint Along, 'Hiding in Sight', and my friends at The Golden Bone Bakery, and I'm painting (at least) 12 watercolour dogs and cats!

Purchase before 31 October (while I am completing the collection and adding to the course) for the earlybird price of $22 - it will double on Sunday 1 November.

A big hello from us!

Hi, I'm Anna (on the right). I'm the artist at Shiny Happy Art and I LOVE a good painting challenge!

And this is my friend Katharina from The Golden Bone Bakery. She is an absolute delight, LOVES animals, is originally from Germany so has a lovely accent, and was so eager to share my art with her customers - which just made my day!

The Golden Bone Bakery is sponsoring this month's Challenge. Make sure you tag a friend on one of my facebook video posts to be in the draw!

So what is this collection, exactly?

It is a collection of demonstration artworks, painted in watercolour with coloured pencil details, of cats and dogs.

The original videos were filmed live, via Facebook, and in this paid collection I have also added notes, reference photos and finished photos of each painting.

I've also included all the info you need on the art supplies I use for my demonstrations.

The advantage of having these demonstrations here, in this 'class format' is that you can enjoy learning from my chatty sessions, without distraction, and with the bonus of the pause and rewind buttons!
Get the $22 Earlybird Price (ends 31 Oct 2020)

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