Shiny Happy Sketching - Flowers by Anna Battle

Shiny Happy Sketching - Flowers

Flowers are fabulous to draw because they stay still and they're such forgiving subjects!
Let me guide you through five fun sketches, using simple art supplies, with no pressure... just encouragement.


What's this all about?

  • Five projects
  • Flower subjects
  • Tips and tricks and encouragement galore
  • Instant, lifetime access

Come, sketch with me!
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What you'll need

I demonstrate with these basic supplies (that you may already have at home):
- coloured pencils
- watercolour pencils
- felt pens
- a basic watercolour set
- a thin black pen

Please use what you have before going and buying anything (unless you can't resist... which I totally understand).

Meet Anna

I love flowers. They make me smile, and I try to always have some fresh flowers in my home.

When it comes to art, they're a great excuse to play with colour, and, you know what? If I draw or paint them, they last. For as long as my sketchbook lasts. They last.

So join me and "learn while doing" these FIVE lovely projects.

See you in my virtual studio!
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Sharing the joy of drawing and painting

Join me to learn by doing
and fit art into your life
without pressure, just encouragement.