Shiny Happy Sketching - in Quarantine by Anna Battle

Shiny Happy Sketching - in Quarantine

If, like me, you're spending A LOT more time at home right now, here are FIVE FUN PROJECTS to get you started on a sketching habit.

Only basic art supplies are needed, and you can use what you already have in the house!

It's a crazy world right now.

But art making can give your mind a break from it all.

These five projects use the most simple of art making supplies, and can be done alone or with family or friends.

It's always about 'learning by doing' and they get you started, or inspire you to continue!
GET INSTANT ACCESS FOR $50 AUD (that's about $35 USD)

What you'll need

I demonstrate with these basic supplies (that you may already have at home):

- coloured pencils
- watercolour pencils
- felt pens
- an OLD watercolour set
- thin black pens

Please use what you have before going and buying anything (unless you can't resist... which I totally understand).

Meet Anna

I think in pictures, so drawing really helps with that. It's a way to sort out the day to day.

And as the days and weeks blur together, that's something really joyful at the moment.

After 8 years of teaching art to adults and children, and 5 years of teaching online, it would be my honour to spend some of this Quarantine/Lock Down/Shelter In Place time, sketching with you.

See you at home.

Buy now - 5 projects for $50 AUD

Sharing the joy of drawing and painting

Join me to learn by doing
and fit art into your life
without pressure, just encouragement.