#13 - Waterlilies 3 Ways Online Paint Along by Anna Battle

#13 - Waterlilies 3 Ways Online Paint Along

It's a Monet hat trick!

And it's an absolute beauty.

Firstly, I'll introduce you to the marvellous Claude Monet - his Water Lilies series is beloved around the world.

Then we'll learn by being directly inspired by Monet's painting, Water Lilies (Nymphéas), 1907.

Then we'll do our impression of Monet's Water Lilies (1916), which is loose and bright!

Finally we'll take what we've learned and paint our own waterliles painting, from my photo... I'll step you thorough my process from start to finish.

It's a dreamy subject and I hope you love painting with me.

Your Artist and Guide

Hi, I'm Anna, a fun, contemporary painter from Toowoomba, Queensland. Welcome to my online classes!

In all of my classes we're learning by doing. You'll be growing your confidence and your skills and end up with a painting you're proud of. I'd love you to join me!
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Class Materials

I demonstrate with:
  • an intro set of 10 Golden Fluid Acrylic paints
  • a set of four brushes (#16 and #10 flat, #12 and #6 round)
  • a pad of canvas paper.

But NEVER let art supplies get in the way of painting - start with whatever you have. Let's go!
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Loose Waterlilies

My bright version of Monet's Waterlilies 1917, is a great way to notice what you're really painting, and how to demonstrate perspective in a water scape.

Monet's Lilies

Directly inspired by Monet's masterpiece, Water Lilies (Nympheas), 1907, we'll learn by doing, step by step.

Pond Lily

Let me guide you from photo to completion.


Anna always scaffolds our learning, and she makes Monet even more interesting than I already knew he was!
Debbie Blencowe
I have been doing the Shiny Happy Art paint alongs now for 3 and a half years and I am so happy I took a leap and tried something new... I have done so many now and my friends and family have received a lot of them as gifts but I also proudly display them in my home 😍 Thank you Anna for my paint along addiction... Looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2020!
Tiffany Shannon
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